Pretoria Zoo Kiddies Festival 03-04 September 2022

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Pretoria Zoo Kiddies Festival 03-04 September 2022

Pretoria Zoo Kiddies Festival 03-04 September 2022
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Kiddies Festival It’s no secret South Africans loves to eat/drink and have fun, now all of this will be held in the Pretoria Zoo facility were families/friends and associates will have an opportunity to see their favorites animals whilst having the best times of their lives. PTA Zoo Kiddies Festival will be a great way to learn more about animals, people and entertainment, we will be sampling various brands, attend clinics and view equipment/products demos whilst having fun.

The festival is about educating kids about all different kinds of animals at the Zoo, giving them the opportunity to interact animals and sculptures whilst having fun. It will be a day full of activities, fun and games: Snake handling Puppet show, Magic Show, Jumping castles & slides -- Animal educational interactions Fun and Games Entertainment, Stand up Comedy and more. BUY TICKET NOW

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